Sustainability Matters Program

Trident SPS is committed to the continuous development of products that help our customers meet their environmental goals, as well as minimizing the impact of our own operations through reduced electricity and water consumption and other energy-saving initiatives.

Best Environmental Practices

The program also seeks to promote the many sustainable benefits of plastics including light weight, food protection and preservation, and recyclability. In line with this, Trident SPS works to ensure best environmental practice throughout all its locations, and to encourage similar high standards from its suppliers. Equally important, our new product development program is strongly focused on incorporating sustainability benefits to support plastics’ many advantages.

Program Overview

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Advise us of your intent to sell your expired polyethylene products. We will require an approximate weight of the products you wish to sell to us as well as an understanding of the product mix, (i.e. are you returning strictly products you purchased from us or is it a ‘mixed’ product content); this will typically require us to perform an audit. We will then provide you with a price, per pound, for the returned product. We cannot accept product that has not been cleaned and/or rinsed of foreign matter. Generally, for 12,000 lbs or greater we will absorb all freight costs to pickup your material. If your product has no Buyback value, you are given the option to Recycle.

Shipping instructions

Shipping instructions for your product will be sent via email within one business day after the you signal to us your intent. It is important to use the shipping label(s) provided as it used to expedite tracking, identification and processing. You will have 30 days from the receipt of your shipping label to ship your Buyback product(s) or your transaction will be null and void and you will need to begin the quote process again.

Buyback check or Recycling confirmation

The Buyback Option of your claim includes the receipt and inspection of your product. You are given three options for payment of your Buyback amount: cash back check, credit note posted to your account, or donate the Buyback amount to an approved charity. Please allow 45 days from the time your Buyback claim is complete for receipt of your cash back check. If you have not received your cash back check after this time, please contact customer service at the following email address: For the Recycling Option, once your product has been received, you will be sent an email confirmation and this will complete your transaction. Payment Options You are given three options for payment of your Buyback amount: cash back check, credit note, or donate the Buyback amount to an approved charity.

Cash back check: This option will provide you the buyback amount in the form of a check that will mailed via U.S. Postal Service to the address designated in your transaction.

Credit note: Choosing a credit note option will provide you with credit that can be applied to a future invoice. This credit note is automatically applied and will appear on our next invoice to you.

Donation: You may also donate the value of your buyback to charity. Simply login to to select the parameters for your chosen beneficiary. We will submit the value of your transaction to Kiva and submit confirmation that the chosen amount has been donated. Please allow up to 45 days from the time your buyback claim is complete for confirmation of payment. If you need assistance, please contact customer service at (610) 715-0789.

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