Armorbin 1/2/3 Series

Armorbin 1/2/3 Series

SKU: 54666613

The Armorbin 1000's  are a series of single wall containers capable of handling repeated cold temperature impact. A Four-Way Fork entry with moulded in-pallet base, making these beasts ideal for food processing  these containers are FDA/CFIA approved for direct contact with food. The container promotes free product flow, eliminating collection points, with its contoured corners and smooth, flat interior bottom. A variety of base styles bring added flexibility to performance features and cost considerations.


    • Stackable 2 high with optional cover.
    • Designed to nest efficiently.
    • Denesting ledge prevents bins from sticking together.
    • Stainless Steel hardware is used to fasten replaceable bases.
    • Specially formulated colored resin is available to increase impact strength by up to 50%.
    • Superior pallet design resists wear through.
    • Process creates extra thick corners to resist cracking.
    • Optional drains are available.
    • Company Branding and color choices are available.
    • RFID Identification chip tracking system available.
    • 4-Way Entry
    • Moulded-in pallet base
    • Seamless lip
    • De-nesting ledge
  • Technical Data

    Technical Data




    Load Capacity


    Gallons / Liters
    Armorbin-33 48x44x33 28 207/784
    Armorbin-36 48x44x36 31 229/866
    Armorbin-39 48x44x39 34 251/950
    Armorbin-42 48x44x42 37 273/1033
    Armorbin-45 48x44x45 40 296/1120
    Armorbin-48 48x44x48 43 318/1204
    Armorbin-51 48x44x51 46 340/1287
    Armorbin-54 48x44x54 49 362/1372
    Armorbin-56 48x44x56 51 377/1428
    Armorbin-59 48x44x59 54 404/1529
    Armorbin-62 48x44x62 57 426/1614