Armorbin 5/6/7 Series

Armorbin 5/6/7 Series

SKU: 54654213

The Armorbin 5/6/7 are a series of single wall containers capable of handling repeated cold temperature impact. With over 110 variations in the Armorbin line, meeting your warehouse and supply chain requirements has never been easier.

Available in both dry and premium melt blend resins, the Armorbin is one of the strongest, most durable bins on the market. These tough bins excel in tough environments, making these beasts ideal for food processing. FDA/CFIA approved for direct contact with food. The container promotes free product flow, eliminating collection points, with its contoured corners and smooth, flat interior bottom. A variety of base styles bring added flexibility to performance features and cost considerations.


    The Armorbin 5000 features a two-way fork entry with a molded in pallet base.

    Our Armorbin 6000 features a four-way fork entry with a molded in pallet base.

    The Armorbin 7000 features a four-way fork entry with a replaceable base or a pallet base welded and sealed to the bin. The 7000 series has a flat easy to clean bottom.


    • Stackable 2 high with optional cover - Designed to nest efficiently

    • Stainless steal hardware is used to fasten replaceable bases - no bins coming apart without knowing and it will hold up under impact.

    • Consultation Application surveys and technical advice available upon request 

    • Increased plastic density in high impact areas - Extra thick corners to resist cracking

    • Optional drains available

    • RFID ID chip tracking available

  • Technical Data




    Load Capacity

    cu.ft, gal


    Subject to model


    ArmorBin-33 48x44x33 28, 207 -
    ArmorBin-36 48x44x36 31, 229 -
    ArmorBin-39 48x44x39 34, 251 -
    ArmorBin-42 48x44x42 37, 273 -
    ArmorBin-45 48x44x45 40, 296 -
    ArmorBin-48 48x44x48 43, 318 -
    ArmorBin-51 48x44x51 46, 340 -
    ArmorBin-54 48x44x54 49, 362 -
    ArmorBin-56 48x44x56 51, 377 -
    ArmorBin-59 48x44x59 54, 404 -
    ArmorBin-62 48x44x62 57, 426 -