Freezer Spacer

Freezer Spacer

SKU: 54654925

Freezing perishable items like food can be a delicate process, and without the right equipment, you could be looking at staggering losses if your product is damaged by harsh freezing temperatures.


That’s why we carry specially designed plastic freezer spacers that withstand the cold temperatures necessary to store food safely. They also safely hold the weight of frozen goods stacked on them.


Our plastic freezer spacers have raised portions with hollow spaces that allow cold air to flow between your containers, allowing your food to freeze quickly and evenly — no matter how many containers you have stacked. We carry both egg crate and Maxi freezer spacer designs, which are perfect for use with plastic pallets.


    • Approved for food contact
    • Manufactured in HDPE and is resistant to most chemicals
    • Designed for temperature sensitive applications
    • Can withstand temperatures between -40C to +30C
    • Air circulates rapidly through the cavities of the spacer ensuring a faster and more efficient freezing of the entire pallet load
    • Maximum air flow in freezing and tempering operations
    • Open profile designed to allow for easy cleaning
    • Nestable for space savings and easy operator stacking
    • 100% recyclable
    • 100% washable for continued use and elimination of bacteria growth
    • Reduced box / packaging shifting during pallet movement
    • Increased cold conductivity for reduced freezing times
  • Technical Data

     Dimensions [in] 40x38x1.5
    Weight [lb] 3.8
    Satic Load Capacity [lb] 3,600



    Pallet: 600