Insulated Boxes

Insulated Boxes

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Quality starts at the point of harvest, as soon as the fish is taken out of the water. To maximize the quality, we need to stabilize and reduce the stress as soon as possible with the utmost care. By reducing handling and stress, one can minimize damage to your fish, keeping them as healthy as possible for their journey to our plates. A healthy fish has maximum value.


PUR refers to the polyurethane insulation injected into the walls of the containers, ensuring a very high insulation value. The primary purpose of PUR insulated containers is temperature retention and control. Food products are vulnerable to temperature changes. Temperature control is of the essence when it comes to food handling. By utilizing insulated containers your product is left cool and protected, thus optimizing freshness.


Insulated Bins are built to handle the roughest environments!
Our goal in launching the Insulated bin product line was to leverage
the technology we’ve developed over our many years of manufacturing insulated 
containers, so we could provide the fish industry with a better value. 
The revolutionary “Wall-Lock” Technology provides superior structural integrity 
within the double wall construction of an insulated bin, resulting in a better performing and longer lasting product. “Wall-Lock” connects the inner and outer walls of the bin to prevent the common industry problem of “delamination”, where the interior foam separates and breaks down over time, so now customers can feel 
confident that their catch is safely protected from ice melting prematurely.


    • New “Wall-Lock Technology” providing an unmatched strength and durability.

    • Manufactured with FDA/CFIA compliant resins for food contact.

    • Boxes filled with 2 lb. PUR (Polyurethane) / (R-value 7 per inch).

    • Sizes from (9) to (35) cubic feet.

    • All boxes come with a standard 2” drain plug (unless otherwise noted).

    • Boxes stackable with and without lids, (unless noted otherwise).

    • No cracks or crevices to hide bacteria.

    • All corners have radius for ease of cleaning and sanitizing.

    • Boxes smooth and easy to clean.

    • Typically holds ice from 3-7 days (Ask your local sales representative for assistance).

  • Technical Data




    Load Capacity 

    Gal, Litres, cu.ft



    Lid Weight


    PB11 42x28x30 82, 311, 11 90 20
    PB27 47x43x39 202, 765, 27 173 38
    PB30 49x43x40 224, 848, 30 180 40
    PB660 49x41x30 166, 631, 21 100 31
    PB1000 58x46x35 264, 1000, 34 175 44
    PB1545 48x44x36 179, 679, 24 118 38
    PB1801 43x24x26 65, 254, 9 62 20
    PB1802 43x24x29 65, 254, 9 65 20
    PB2145 48x44x47 258, 993, 35 164 38