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Trident SPS sets the benchmark in cold-chain applications for both harvesting and processing protein. Trident is able to offer solutions capable of performing in extreme, high-impact conditions even at the coldest of temperatures. We also pride ourselves on taking the time to understand all of our clients' needs and make recommendations that represent the lowest cost of ownership.

Sustainable plastic solutions are the foundation for our company. At Trident, we keep waste out of the ocean and landfill by providing long-life plastic handling methods and recycling the very same product in order to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.


Trident SPS works extremely hard to ensure the best environmental practice throughout all locations, and to encourage these high standards from our suppliers.

Trident's team of trained professionals are ready to provide an in-depth 1:1 consultation including the following: consulting on your particular application,  identify cost savings, bottom line accountability and walk you through how you can support the environment by recycling your material handling products. Contact us today to get started!


Custom tailored material handling solutions can help you pick the right container the first time, maximize the containers life and improve your overall operational efficiency.

Meaningful relationships with our clients have been instrumental in developing best practice methods and proven lowest cost of ownership in the reusable container marketplace.


Since 1991 our family has dedicated ourselves to the plastic container industry, providing the perishable protein market an alternative, zero waste, food grade container system - while keeping sustainability and recycling a top priority along the way.

With over 30 years of experience and input from our leading manufacturers, Trident offers the industry the best products in a class of their own. You can count on us!

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"Easy to work with, fast turn-around in receiving containers. A pleasure to do business with."‍

David H.
Sales Manager, Giant Cement Holding, Inc

“We have not had any issues with the fish bins. We actually use them for barreled receivers and non-barreled receivers. They are super strong and sturdy. They work great and fit perfectly on our steel pallets for ease of stacking and storage.”‍

Dan Ladieu
Purchasing Specialist, Century Arms Inc.